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Our Mentorship Approach


You now have access to someone who has been there and done it in Finances, Real Estate, and topics that aren’t taught in school.


Now you are able to track your progress real time regarding your Finances, your Real Estate, and your Career unlike anywhere else before.


I understand everyone’s situation is different, and we need to make a plan specific to you. Let’s schedule call and discuss a plan that’s realistic, actionable, and important to your success.

Rewrite Your Financial Story

“Tyler honestly wants to see people succeed” – Zachary F.
Welcome to Real Life School, our mentorship program will help you to rewrite your financial story and tackle life’s challenges with confidence and purpose.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Real Life School caters to proactive learners, individuals pursuing financial independence, those interested in real estate education, and those seeking guidance on life’s journey.

Experience personalized mentorship for financial clarity, direction, and the confidence to pursue your dreams.

Ready to Get Started? Choose Your Membership:

Basic Membership: Dive into mentor content, join live classrooms, and enjoy personalized progress reports—all for the price of a couple of lattes.

Mid-Level Membership: Take the next step with a 30-day mentorship program tailored just for you. Enjoy weekly virtual meetings, business write-offs, and entry-level membership perks included.

High-Level Membership: Gear up for an intensive 30-day mentorship experience. Benefit from daily communication, regular virtual meetings, and personalized plans to supercharge your journey.

Join us at Real Life School, where every challenge is an opportunity, and every setback is a lesson learned.

Let’s embark on this journey together. Welcome to Real Life School—where every challenge is an opportunity, and every setback is a lesson learned.

Become a Member

Different people in different stages of money management, real estate investing and healthy habit building

Many individuals face challenges such as unclear financial situations, difficulty navigating real estate decisions, and a need for guidance in various life aspects.

Real Life School provides personalized member profiles to address these challenges.

Membership Benefits:

Custom Profile: Gain insights into financial status, real estate standing, and overall life assessment—a personalized “adult report card” offering clarity on life’s trajectory.
Reduced Cost for One-on-One Mentorship: Access personalized guidance affordably, empowering effective challenge resolution.
Live Classrooms Access: Engage in real-time with mentors during weekly online sessions, expanding knowledge in finance, real estate, health, habits, and career advancement.

Join Real Life School for a comprehensive roadmap to financial stability, real estate success, and holistic life fulfillment.

Choose the tier that is right for you.




For those new to budgeting and personal finance, this tier offers the fundamental elements.

  • Monthly Membership
  • Full access to Video Lessons
  • Personalized Progress Report (“Adult Report Card”)
  • Full Access to Podcasts
  • Reduced One on One Rates
  • Access to Live Social Media Events and Accounts

Mid- Level

Strategic Building


This tier caters to individuals who have surpassed the foundational stage and are eager to delve deeper into strategic wealth-building.

  • 30 Day Mentorship
  • Personalized Plan FOR YOU
  • Once a week Virtual Face to Face/ Video/ Communication
  • Thorough Budget Analysis
  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Potential Business Write Off




The Accelerator tier is designed for individuals who are eager to expedite their path to success.

  • 30 Day Intense Mentorship
  • Personalized Plan FOR YOU
  • Daily Communication
  • Twice a week: Virtual or In Person (Loc TBD) One on One Mentorship.
  • Mentorship Referral: Situation Dependent
  • Strategic Budgeting, Real Estate Planning, and Life Goals.
  • Potential Business Write Off
  • Entry Level Membership Included

Helping people one day at a time, one step at a time, one person at a time!

What Our Members Say

This guy is absolutely the real deal.

My name is Chaz M. and I worked under Tyler (Captain Pencek, call sign Bender) while serving in the Marine Corps. He was my officer in command for about 6 months while on deployment in Okinawa. Throughout my time serving with him he became a great mentor to me and all of my peers. Tyler had this “Crazy idea” that the most important lessons you can learn in life is not learned in school but actually learned in real life. It turns out, that idea wasn’t so crazy. I can’t begin to tell you how Tyler’s mentorship, advice and guidance over those 6 months helped shape the person I’ve become. He took it a step further and continued his mentorship to me even though he technically was no longer in charge of me. This guy is absolutely the real deal. He’s incredibly passionate and cares about educating people. Tyler and I have kept in touch over the years and he continues to serve as a mentor. I would absolutely recommend listening to his advice on everything this guy says, Tyler does not miss.

Chaz M., Wilmington , North Carolina

The Best Way to Build Financial Freedom is through Real Estate

I still talk about the conversation we had on the bus coming back from Okinawa to Hawaii in 2016. You said the best way to build financial freedom was through Real Estate and how you didn't need to do the Marine thing, but just did it because you enjoyed it. LOL- A. Corona

A Rod Corona

He honestly wants to see people succeed

Not only is Tyler eager to give advice, he honestly wants to see people succeed. He frequently asks questions and provides advice on my current situation. Tyler helped me make major decisions on the car and house that my wife and I purchased.

Zachary Fulmer

Tyler is a really good coach!

Tyler was really good in coaching me through the whole home buying experience. He was always around to answer questions or just hear out the frustration of the day. Always had some advice to give or some knowledge to impart based on my current situation.


You transformed my financial life

Thank you, Thank you so much for turning my little spark into fire and desire. I'm just 30 days with your one phone call - you essentially transformed my financial life. I could never repay you enough.

Charles Dunbar

I am intrigued!

I am intrigued by your material and have thought of trying to help kids learn these types of things. I am going to use this to help my college boy.

Barry Raber, Portland, Oregon