Daily Habits

Basic Daily Habits to Live By

1. Make a list of your day, week, monthly, yearly goals
2. Wake up early (This will be tough at first) for a purpose.
3. Eat a good breakfast every morning (Most important meal of the day)
4. Tackle the hardest tasks on your goal list first.
5. Take 20-30 minutes for you (Whatever you need for you.)
6. Read at least 30 min every day, doesn’t matter what it is at first…. JUST READ.
7. Workout at least 45-60 min everyday (Life happens, but make time, excuses are easy)
8. Evaluate after 1 month and see what works.
9. If a task (clean dishes, put shoes away) only takes 2 minutes, DO IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE!

It’s up to you:

Too many people use the excuses of where they live and how they don’t have enough opportunity, their poor, nobody cares, I’ll never make it! My answer: SO WHAT! What should you do then, just give up? Does all this mean you can’t excel at all? HELL NO! You recognize it and you can at least make life better than what it is today. So you think you won’t be an Einstein with your break throughs, or a Warren Buffet with your wealth, so you JUST QUIT? NO MAKE TOMORROW BETTER THAN IT IS TODAY!

Good Habits to Think About Adopting

  • Make Written Goals (Shows accomplishments once complete and able to check off the list)
  • Maintain a Healthy Life: Your body is a machine, you have to maintain it!
  • Early Bird Gets the Worm (that much more time ahead of the competition)
  • Write Ideas Down (always pen to paper, PROMISE YOU WILL FORGET if you don’t)
  • Read (Topics that you’re interested in)
  • Honesty: Being honest is more work and more difficult, yup so what? If they can’t handle the truth – that’s on them but it’s off your back now!
  • Commitment and Your Word: Generations before, said and did what they said
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or won’t be able to do something
  • Learn two new things everyday instead of one thing
  • Smile and say hello to everyone who looks at you, you never know what that person is going through
  • When you’re stressed, MAKE A LIST!
  • Stay active (helps with health, mind, and own self)
  • Compliment people when you sense they need a complement (Bad days)

“You have to work as hard knowing that someone is trying to take it all away from you 24/7 365 days a year”

– Mark Cuban

Is Success a Journey or Destination?

Does it mean living a balanced life or casting aside all but one pursuit? Success is such a relative word which can mean two different things to people. It is a concept. You can't get there until you are able to define it and see it in your mind. Success for you depends on your core values, things that are most important to you.

Set Yourself to Achieve Success

Incorporate the following in your daily life to set yourself up to achieve success:

  • Use Visuatlization

    See yourself successful. See yourself achieving what you set out to do. Envision the successful you. Know that you are unique and special in the crowd. I will guarantee (except for twins), there is NOBODY IDENTICAL TO YOU!

  • Positive Thoughts

    Untie yourself from negative thoughts, negative people, and the past. Find out where you hide your power. Track your negative thoughts and eliminate them.

  • Time Management

    Control your thought, time, attitude, and action daily to stay focused on your goals. Use daily planner and a ``to-do`` list to set and complete your goals.

  • Motivation

    Motivate yourself to achieve and stay in action. Successful people never let a day go by without moving closer to their goal. Set specific goals and follow through with action. Compel yourself to meet your goals.

To achieve Success, you have to know what you want and how to get there. Also learn to be satisfied with your daily achievements, otherwise you may end up being one of those outwardly very successful people, but inwardly painfully unhappy.

Words with a Description

Highly successful people are never lazy. They have a huge capacity for working hard. Successful people are not afraid of challenges. They have vision and can see what the successful outcome looks like. Doing well is not enough. Giving your best in EACH of your undertakings is more important. Consistently giving your best shot in each of your assignments will in the long run bear fruits of your labor.

Successful people realize creativity is not a “gift” for a select few. They know they can develop their creativity by looking at things from new perspectives. They have the ability to see beyond the obvious – This is much more than the cliche “thinking outside the box.” Sometimes, the problem has to be solved within the constraints of the box and sometimes, the box needs to be made larger. Successful people go beyond what is comfortable, challenge assumptions and change their routines.

One of the “seven habits of highly successful” by Stephen R. Covey, is being good at what they do. Even if they do not have the skills and expertise initially, you can almost be certain they would learn it in due course. They will tend to find out what they need to know and make sure they learn or find a means to access the expertise required.

When you throw a stone into a pond, the water “responds” appropriate to the size of the stone and the force of the throw. There is no over– or under-reaction. Likewise, successful people respond in just the right way to the forces that have an impact on their lives. They don’t quit when things go wrong, but see mistakes and failure as another challenge to overcome.

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You can almost be certain that each of these successful people have a deep conviction of what they want to achieve. A deep belief of what they want to do and how they will achieve it. No matter what is thrown their way, they press on. They believe they are their own success maker. Ask yourself, as a career builder, what is your conviction?

Quite a few successful people are self-made millionaires. Some of them have no tertiary education but that did not stop them from charging forward against all odds. The courage to take calculated risks is a big factor in their success.

Good communication does not magically happen: it is built, one step at a time. Successful people do not try and dominate the communication process, but learn how to listen carefully and respond appropriately. 

“Quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger”

The most difficult communication skill is listening. We’re generally anxious to be heard and less focused on what others are saying. However, if we’re to be effective in the way we communicate with others, we have to focus at least as much attention to our listening skills.

Successful people realize success does not happen in a vacuum. They know the importance of working with others. Successful people do not jealously hoard information and resources, but are willing to share so that others may benefit.

Recognition is not just a nice thing to do: recognition reinforces and rewards important outcomes others create for you. By giving recognition, you reinforce the actions and behaviors you most want to see people repeat.

“Give credit when credit is due”

“Integrity is completeness or soundness… A person with integrity does not manipulate others. He or she is not prone to arrogance or self-praise. Integrity even invites constructive and necessary criticism because it applauds accountability. It’s sound. It’s solid. It’s complete.”

— Charles R. Swindoll