Learn How to Rent a Home or Apartment

For most, this is a stressful time.

Either first-time moving out on your own, job relocation or other hardships tend to cause us to uproot and move.

Remember, it’s all relative, and below will help you understand a process that can seem very challenging sometimes, that’s why I’m here! Here to help you through the unknown!

1. Set a Monthly Budget
2. Identify your situation: Roommates, # of Bedrooms, Amenities.
3. Identify where you want to live: LOCATION
4. Fill out applications at the complex you are interested in.
5. Pay deposits and get your keys.
6. Set up Utilities.
7. Move in!

Your Steps to Success

Step One

Ask yourself all the questions and DO YOUR HOMEWORK:

The reason why this is important, is so YOU understand the situation you’re in, which is the only way to move forward.

Step Two


The world revolves around MONEY so set a monthly Budget: The reason why this is important, is so YOU understand the situation you’re in. The reason for the budget, is so you can set future goals past this lease agreement and potentially buy a piece of the American Dream- A home you can call yours! Think past this new apartment or rental home is imperative, because this place will not be your forever home!

Step Three

Location, Location, Location

Identify where you want to live. First start thinking your job and how long is the potential commute (because this pays for your apartment)? Next, is the complex close to your hobbies? What a convenience about renting a place near your work and all the activities you enjoy…. Water sports, back country trails, wineries, night life, shopping, mass transit?


I certainly did not give you all the items you should look into while searching for a location, but at least it helps you get a jump start on what to think about.

Step Four

Prepare before you go to the leasing office:

  • Know your credit
  • Have all your documents
  • Have a list of all your referrals and old landlords.
  • Be ready to Negotiate: Do your homework online for the complex you have in question and determine length of lease, security deposit, cleaning fees, utilities included, etc (there is always a deal to be had, JUST ASK).

Step Five

The Application Process

Your agent is the link between you and the seller. This person needs to match the qualities of your expectations.

  • Expect a monetary application fee. This fee can range from $20-50, and its for processing the paperwork and running your credit and background. In all reality, if this excessively expensive, it’s a petty way that the apartment makes some extra cash…. But to each their own.
  • They will ask for all your personal contact info and social security number for a thorough background check. 
  • Be ready to pass off your references and past landlords and their contact info.
  • They will make copies of proof of employment via pay stubs or past federal tax returns.
  • You may be required to pay a security deposit as well, so bring a check book or have a way to transfer funds.


Step Six

Approval Process

WAIT for background check and approval:

When you’re approved:

You’ll need to pay your deposit: first month’s rent+ last month’s rent + security deposit= Total Deposit

-Ex. Security deposit is $800 and monthly rent is 1000 per month and: 800+1000+1000= $2800 needed to move in.

Step Seven

Plan the Move and Move In!

Ensure your agent gives you a list of all the utilities companies are in your area so you can call prior to close to have them on when you move in!

Get your keys & move in!

 Plan the next move, INTO A HOME YOU OWN!


Are you Ready to Get Started?

Find your new rental today!