Learn About Parenting Life

The Checklist

  1. Mom and dad do the “Birds and the Bee”.
  2. She misses a period.
  3. Schedule a Doctor’s appointment to confirm she’s pregnant.
  4. Find “The Right OBGYN”
  5. She takes prenatal vitamins
  6. Help support her to workout, stretch, be healthy.
  7. 9 Months later, get ready to catch your baby!
  8. Now- Sleep
  9. Check Diapers / Change Diapers
  10. Feed/Burp
  11. Check Diapers/Change Diapers
  12. Watch them grow everyday……
  13. Enjoy your beautiful baby!

Round 2 – Dad Checklist

The First Trimester

  1. She tells you “I’m pregnant”, but forgot the last time you had sex.
  2. “The Baby Talk” is it a boy, or is it a girl, “well I think”….
  3. Mama’s body changes, I mean PAIN. She might go to the hospital “because this has never happened before”. 
  4. Mood swings, mood swings, fights, sweet times, and fights. Maybe some sex…. MAYBE
  5. Emotional!!!!!!! Captain Insano!
  6. First Ultrasound: They usually take the woman back for “vitals” to ask questions about their situation, do you feel safe at home, how are you doing, suicidal, etc. Then you get to come back, legs up, kids trying to climb under the table and see what’s under moms “blanket” (Legs in the air). Measuring heart rate, distance, and make next appointments. Set timeline till birth. Talk about past pregnancy issues and emergencies… Spill the beans!

The Second Trimester

  1. Eating in bed! Chomping crackers in bed is the worst!
  2. Found out Gender, and cry like a girl.
  3. Tell the entire family the gender. Some reactions are great, some are very underwhelming… Their reaction might as well been the same as me telling them about the weather.
  4. FARTS: Sleep in the other room, because I can’t take more of those bombs!
  5. Ultra Sound 20 Weeks (VERY IMPORTANT)

The Third Trimester

  1. Plan for the registry: You’ll need more stuff (Have a list of “perfect world” items) for them. 
  2. 30ish Weeks, your wife will get up 1 Billion Times a night to pee. Don’t get mad at her if she wakes you up! You don’t have a human in your belly, be kind!
  3. Wear a mouth guard to bed. When wife jumps back into bed WWE style, she will hit you in the face, just hope it’s not her ring hand, or you will bleed.
  4. Get her food…. Do not waste time cleaning dishes…. FOOD NOW! “Thunder thumper” will beat you to the fridge.
  5. Once your kid and placenta departs from your wife, her body needs to expel the hormones in some way…. Just expect this to a variety of 35 flavors. Sweet, crying, panic attacks, and lots of tears! It just happens, be patient!

Additional Takeaways

From Mama, Herself

Men, Freaking Listen!

  1. Sleep: If mom is asleep and your kids are up, let mom continue to sleep! She’s trying to survive. Go take care of the older child so mom can get some extra sleep before taking care of the youngest.
  2. Food: If you make food for yourself, make sure you make extra for your wife! She won’t care what it is, she will eat it! (Sometimes when new moms have “extra time”, they would just prefer to sleep over eating) GUYS- DON’T SUCK!
  3. They don’t tell you you’re first child is an absolute shocker! Women are not themselves afterwards, and nobody can tell you enough to prepare you. I’m telling you, women become different humans during this time! Be patient, be kind!

Timeline: Dads and What Their Kids Think

3-8 Years Old: My dad is superman and the toughest man in the world.

8-12 Years Old: My dad knows almost everything, and if not, he’ll figure it out.

12-14 Years Old: My dad doesn’t know a lot.

16-20 Years Old: My dad doesn’t know anything and is in fact the dumbest out there.

20-25 Years Old: Let me call my dad and see what he thinks.

30-35 Years Old: Call dad and see what I should do if he was in my position and if not Call Grandpa. 

35-40 Years Old: I wish I could call Grandpa, he would tell me to follow my heart!

Lessons learned as we go through life together

When we get together with other parents and their kids, we see other parenting skills. We should try to take on the good, and learn from the bad… Everyday is a learning experience!