Member Testimonials

This guy is absolutely the real deal.

My name is Chaz M. and I worked under Tyler (Captain Pencek, call sign Bender) while serving in the Marine Corps. He was my officer in command for about 6 months while on deployment in Okinawa. Throughout my time serving with him he became a great mentor to me and all of my peers. Tyler had this “Crazy idea” that the most important lessons you can learn in life is not learned in school but actually learned in real life. It turns out, that idea wasn’t so crazy. I can’t begin to tell you how Tyler’s mentorship, advice and guidance over those 6 months helped shape the person I’ve become. He took it a step further and continued his mentorship to me even though he technically was no longer in charge of me. This guy is absolutely the real deal. He’s incredibly passionate and cares about educating people. Tyler and I have kept in touch over the years and he continues to serve as a mentor. I would absolutely recommend listening to his advice on everything this guy says, Tyler does not miss.

Chaz M., Wilmington , North Carolina

The Best Way to Build Financial Freedom is through Real Estate

I still talk about the conversation we had on the bus coming back from Okinawa to Hawaii in 2016. You said the best way to build financial freedom was through Real Estate and how you didn't need to do the Marine thing, but just did it because you enjoyed it. LOL- A. Corona

A Rod Corona

He honestly wants to see people succeed

Not only is Tyler eager to give advice, he honestly wants to see people succeed. He frequently asks questions and provides advice on my current situation. Tyler helped me make major decisions on the car and house that my wife and I purchased.

Zachary Fulmer